August 6, 2014

Hail and...farewell?

It's been a whole year since I posted last and I can't believe it, Blog! Well, I thought such an occasion warranted some kind of comment from me. Clearly I have been putting my efforts largely into other channels, those being of a craftier nature. See also:

My Deviant Art page:
and my Ravelry page:

There's been a lot of other things happening in my life, just as I'm sure our handful of beloved readers have had going on this past year. But to make a long story short, Blog, it was high time for me to check in, and possibly, out.

I want to keep this blog online because there's no telling whether I might want to post here again some day. But then again, I might not, and I hate to have no kind of closure here if that should be the case! So, as I move on toward bigger and better things, I just wanted to put a "so long" in here, and say thanks to Blog for being my good companion on this blog, and thanks to you out there for reading. And seeing as I am, personally, short and sweet, that is how I will keep this post.