August 14, 2010

I can haz Turbo Track?

I'm using LOLcat speak today, Blog, because it's Turbo Track Day!  The day I've been waiting for ever since, while desperately trying to think of birthday present ideas for myself, I decided to find the coolest cat toy I could...and discovered the Turbo Track.  What, doesn't everyone ask for toys for their cats for their birthday?  Heck, it will be Alice's birthday too, so it's not totally insane.

Anyhoo, my Google searching for the best cat toy led me to the highly admired Bergan Turbo Track.  It was developed by a cat psychologist (why didn't I choose that career?) and got raves all over the Interwebs.  I wasted a good hour watching YouTube videos of cats playing with their Turbo Tracks and they all looked fascinated.  (It didn't hurt that the feline star of Turbo Track videos, Venus, looked just like Cody.  Or that the Turbo Track box cat looked like Alice.)  It was a mere fifteen bucks, how could you go wrong?

Well, as you can see from the photos, Codes and Pookers love the TT.  As I type this, Cody is in the living room behind me going as mental over the TT in "8 Track" configuration as he ever has over catnip.  He's been at it for ten minutes straight, which in cat-minutes is like 75,803 hours. 

Now, it may seem a little wack that I wanted a toy for my cats for my birthday.  But I bet a lot of pet owners get that.  First of all, watching the antics of our furry companions is often more entertaining than having antics ourselves...especially if you, like me, are a member of the over-50 crowd.  Secondly, I kind of dote on, especially, Cody, and so it's fun to give him something for the occasion. 

And thirdly, tomorrow is my birthday party with the family, and it will also be a present to me if my dad and daughters and their beaux and the adorable daughter of one of their beaux enjoy the cats with their Turbo Track.

Just look at Cody's crazed face in this photo!  Isn't making your American Shorthair get just as wild as your tiger the best present a girl could wish for?

And of course, what better way to kick off the first day of my Birthday Week (the actual day is Wednesday) than to spend an hour making a funny cat video?  Well Blog, of COURSE I had to immediately make my own Turbo Track Cat Video!  And here it is!

Hold the phone, Blog!  Our third cat, Selke, has actually emerged from whatever dimension in which she dwells most of the day away from prying human eyes!  I must go now and see if there's any chance I can get her into the Turbo Track.  Odds are against it, but you never know.  She's a cat, and it's a Turbo Track, and this toy is pretty dang irresistible, they say....  Hey!  Selke!  Get your bulemic-but-cute-self over here and check this out!


  1. Haha. Cody looks mad b'cos he can't get the ball out. Love the Japanese in the background. Too funny, Davie didn't realize you WERE tapingit.

  2. You'd think it would be frustrating, but actually, I think the cats like the perpetual challenge. Yeah, having "Ninja Warrior" (on the G4 cable channel) on in the background worked out pretty well! Davie was not happy that he was captured on video "being an idiot," but I told him he was understandbly too busy watching Cody and the Ninja competitors to pay attention to the camera person. LOL