November 6, 2010

My gift: "Gift of Flesh"

Blog, I haven't posted in what is sometimes referred to as "a coon's age."  And you know how old coons can get.  Anyway, I feel really guilty so I decided I needed to do something nice for our faithful readers.

Not everyone out there in Blogland (named, of course, after you, Blog) is aware, but I offer a number of my books for free via a little something called the LBR Press READ FREE Project.  It's some of my erotic romance stories, a couple less racy romances, and my Star Wars romance novel.  Yeah, you heard that right.  It's not like I can charge for it without R2D2 and C3PO's lawyers coming after me.  Anyhoo, they are offered free to be read online or downloaded in pdf and lit formats if you sign up.

However, the truly cool formats of today happen to be ePub (for nook, Kobo, Sony eReader, iPad, etc.) and Kindle.  So, just to make it up to our readers, I've just today published my uber-popular erotic romance novella Gift of Flesh in ePub and Kindle and you can download them from those very links!  (By the way, I discovered that in many cases a person downloaded the ePub version may find it arriving with a .zip extension.  Don't unzip it...just change "zip" in the file name to "epub" and you'll have a dandy epub book.)

In Gift of Flesh, Miakaela, who was raised as a concubine, now finds herself chosen by the Monarch of her land as a Gift of Flesh for a neighboring king. Envoy Naissun is commanded by that king to bring her safely through the rough journey to his harem. Tormented by his conscience and a growing affection for Miakaela, Naissun struggles to find a moral and practical answer to this quandary. But of course, first they must make it through the trip alive... In a medieval fantasy setting, two complex characters are torn: should they choose pragmatism and duty, or rebellion?

Enticing, eh Blog?  But wait...Blog, are you over 18?  Because you need to be before you download this novella.  That's something more than a coon's age, you know.

In the Library Reviews called Gift of Flesh "a riveting story with a thrilling conclusion."  Ecataromance said it was "a superb gift."  Fallen Angel Reviews called it "a story that will hold readers from the first word to the last."

And personally, I'm very fond of this story and of its two lovely protagonists.  I hope there are plenty of people out there with ebook readers (or just install the nook reader or the Kindle reader on your computer or smartphone for free) who will accept my repentant offering and download Gift of Flesh.  Meanwhile, you can also visit the LBR Press READ FREE Project to see the other free titles I offer there (online read, pdf or lit only).

And I promise not to let another coon's age pass before I post again, Blog!  Or I may have to offer MORE free nook and Kindle stories!  Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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