February 7, 2011

Made a crazy hat, have a crazy cat

Blog, do you think this hat I sewed this weekend is just too crazy? Well, I'm going to wear it anyway.

I got a new book called Warm Fuzzies which includes some very cute patterns for misc. stuff made out of felted sweaters. I did not feel like felting sweaters, so I just used some fleece I found on sale at JoAnn. The supplies for my sewing project cost less than three bucks, so I'm happy. And I'm also prepared for the cold snap we're expecting tomorrow.

This hat has neat-o keen ear flaps that you can wear up like in that first picture, or down like in this one. The ear flaps are dorky but I really like the idea of warm ears.

I also really like the yarn I found, which you can see showcased in this rear shot of the hat.

Yes, it's a seriously crazy hat, Blog. The mittens are made to match but I guess a person can get away with wearing crazy stuff on her hands more easily than on her head.

So, that's the story of my crazy hat...now let's address my crazy cat. Actually, my cat is no crazier than the rest of his species. As cat owners generally know, if there is a flat object, such as a magazine, freshly folded laundry, or a piece of fabric you are using to make a crazy hat, it doesn't matter how many other more appropriate spots there are in the vicinity for your cat to sit. Your cat will sit on said object.

Your cat will not care what inconvenience this causes you. In fact, your cat will act really cute so that you feel that whatever you were planning on doing with said object, you should refrain if it will inconvenience your cat.

Well, I have dealt with Cody's cuteness long enough that I can, when pressed, actually resist it. I moved Fabric #1 out from under him and he moved on. That is, until I laid out Fabric #2.

The placement of Cody's paw on the pattern piece indicates that he is well aware of my activity and knows that this fabric was not spread out on the dining room table for his personal benefit. The expression on Cody's face indicates how much he cares about that.

In my final shot below, you see evidence of the extreme contempt that cats have for whatever it is their owners might be up to.

He seems to be thinking, "Keep cutting, lady, I double-cat-dare you." Of course I didn't. After more tries than are reasonable, I managed to move his paw out of the way and keep it there.

So that is the tale of my crazy hat and crazy cat, Blog.


  1. Too funny. I remember cat days. They ALWAYS have to be the center of attention! By the way. Love the hat. I so want one too! I don't sew though. (sigh)

  2. I like your hat! I don't think it's silly- just warm and fuzzy and cool colors! :)

    And your cat is indeed crazy. He doesn't seem to mind though.

  3. I think it is lovely, dear! Love those colors!

  4. Thanks to all of you for the compliments on my crazy hat! I think I will be able to wear it with pride now. :-) And I wouldn't have Cody any other way than crazy. LOL