March 2, 2011

Crafting with random stuff

Crafting falls into two categories, Blog:  the projects you plan and purchase supplies for, and the projects you do from whatever random stuff you have on hand.  While the former type of project often leads to more polished and impressive results, the latter type has its advantages. Random crafting means no outlay of cash that you haven't already spent, and it yields a special satisfaction because you made something cool out of whatever was on hand.

Sunday I had a little spare time open up, so I pulled out my many jewelry supply storage boxes (which are random in and of themselves, Blog) and fashioned this necklace.  The elements included are:

1.  Four types of ribbon I purchased as a group at the 2009 Bead & Button show in Milwaukee.

2.  A gold chain I bought on sale at Michaels on some random shopping trip.

3.  Some gold beads that were part of a giant assortment I bought on eBay in 2007.

4.  Some assorted wooden beads I found in my sewing box years ago that I probably had since the 70s.

5.  Some plastic leaf beads I totally do not recall buying but have also had for years.

And they all come together to make this pretty nice necklace!  Sweet.

As any jewelry making hobbyist (or any craft hobbyist of any kind will tell you), part of the joy of the hobby is acquiring a nice supply of random items.  This includes taking advantage of sales and clearances at traditional craft supply sources as well as always being on the lookout for stuff you can use.  Some of my more unusual sources have been:

  • The beach - rocks and driftwood
  • Lowe's - glass tile pieces
  • The basement - misc. metal fasteners
  • American Science & Surplus - semi-precious stones, jars, scrap metal
  • Milwaukee Art Museum snack bar - an unusual soda bottle

And the best thing about this whole process is that you make the world a prettier place!  That's a worthy cause, wouldn't you say, Blog?

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