May 11, 2011

Let's play Imaginary Rock Band

This is an old favorite game of mine, Blog, but I have a feeling I may be one of 17 people on the planet who does it. I'm hoping someone will comment and admit they've done it too, so I don't feel it's just my warped imagination at work. Or perhaps others will give it a try after getting the suggestion. Anyhoo...

Hugh: bass guitar, keyboards and vocals
Imaginary Rock Band entails casting a band with some celebrity favorites and letting them play in your head along with actual music. I will illustrate that confusing statement now. The other day I was listening to my iPod in the car and "Authority Song" by Jimmy Eat World came on. Jim Adkins' voice is just so cute and fun, it brought to mind another cute and fun celebrity (upon whom I do have a bit of a crush), T.J. Thyne from "Bones." I started picturing him as lead singer in place of Jim, and decided he could play rhythm guitar. I have no idea if T.J. can play guitar in real life but there are certainly no photos of him doing so, unlike Hugh Laurie, who is an actual musician. Here's Hugh with a guitar, and everyone knows he's fabulous at the piano.

Danny: lead guitar
I'm pretty fond of "House M.D." too, so it seemed only natural to put Hugh in the band. Meanwhile, I got this conviction that the lead guitarist really needed to be Danny Pudi, aka Abed on "Community." You see him as a quirky, funny guy, but I see him as having "dark and mysterious rock star" potential. I even found this photo of him pulling a "dark and mysterious rock star" face, so there, Blog. So Danny plays the awesome lead guitar in stoic silence, which leaves Hugh to the bass and vocals. And keyboards when needed, of course.

Scott: drums, backup vocals
And leaves me needing a drummer. You wouldn't guess in ten attempts, so don't even try, Blog. I chose Scott McGillivray, the handsome star of HGTV's "Income Property" and stuff. I can see him on the drums! Well, obviously I can.

So, dear readers, crank up your brain and picture these four performing "Authority Song," with me singing back up. T.J. really rocks this number. What a blast. However, next up on my iPod comes "We're Not in Kansas" by Big Country. Too dark and gravelly for the perky T.J. However, Hugh pulled it off nicely in my head, probably because House is a messed-up guy, like I guess Stuart Adamson was (R.I.P.). Anyway, I'm pretty sure these four guys can do a decent job with a large percentage of rock songs. As I type this, Cat Galaxy Radio is playing "Woodstock" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and that works.

T.J.: rhythm guitar, vocals "Lady, You Bring Me Up" by Lionel Richie is on, so that's not working.

But if I hear a song with a chick singing lead, so much the better! Then I get to perform with the band. I'd just love to do Linda Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved?" and share a mike with T.J. for that classic opening line. "I've been cheated...been mistreated..." Now that would be sweet, Blog.

All right people, give me some comfort here and cast a couple of your celebrity faves in a rock band! You'll be glad you did!

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