April 18, 2012

Aggie portraits revealed!

So, Blog, last time you remember I shared about my long term yearning to acquire illustrated versions of the characters from my novel Aggie's Nine Heroes.

And you also know that I semi-miraculously stumbled upon the perfect artist for this task, one Anna Rettberg.

Well, Anna outdid herself, and without further ado, here's the crew:

Can I get a crazed SQUEE? C'mon Blog, let it out--you need to with all this awesomeness!

Close inspection will reveal to you that there are little flecks on the image. That's because, although the final rendering is digital, Anna began by drawing each figure with pencil. I love that she left in the flecks for authenticity! She scanned the drawings and then worked in Photoshop to outline, color and shade them.

Okay, now let's let the readers take a closer look at each of the characters in this little slide show below. Who's the hottest guy? (*cough* Jason *cough*) And who could possibly be more adorable than Aggie, huh? Don't you just dig Brandon's fabulous smile? And Glenda's terrific hair? Lucas's elfin good looks, Nita's curves, and the complete charm of Bernie?

Well, Anna outdid herself, and without further ado, here's the crew:

Are they not, as I sometimes say, on beyond zebra? I can't get enough of looking at them. Okay, let's just take one more view, the way I'm going to do the 30" x 10" print that is going on the wall at Magic House:

Wow. Just wow.

Will I be sharing a photo of the art on the wall once I have it? Oh c'mon, Blog--what do you think?

All my thanks to Anna, and yes as I say this I am bowing down "I'm not worthy" style. She's the best.

UPDATE 4/19: Anna is now offering prints of the illustration in her online shop! If you'd like to order one, go here.


  1. I am speechless. Such talent! The colors, the facial expressions.. just WHOA. I rarely find the renderings of fictional characters to look like I imagine them (even if done by the author- I always imagine The Captain with dark hair for some reason..) but these are so perfect!

    Well done, Anna, and well done, Diana on creating characters who are so vibrant- in print and in "color"!

    I would love a 30" x 10" print and would pay for one!! Who do I have to talk to to get one???

  2. I'm so happy that you're as in love with them as I am, Sam! And it's really cool that you pictured the characters like this too. I contacted Anna and she's going to put the print for sale in her online shop so you can order one. I'll share the information all over the place as soon as I have it. We both thank you for wanting to get your own print! :-D

  3. So if I want to buy the book, what's the for you? I see it's a bargain on Kindle, but maybe you'd rather sell print copies? I don't know enough about the business of bookselling to know what's best for you as an author and on this book I don't have a strong preference for either format.

  4. Wow, Renee...you are so sweet to ask this question! I do make more from the sale of the paperback, but of course the most important thing to me is that people read it--so whatever your preference, by all means. I'm so looking forward to you reading it!

  5. Awesome work by Anna! I wonder if the graphic novel version is coming next...

  6. Thanks, Diana. Good to know. I like to support my favorite artists in the way that's best for them. According to Amazon, I bought the last copy! And now it can live on the shelf. I love the post about the art in the Magic House. I feel similarly about the books in my house so now Aggie can join other classic works by the fabulous Diane Lau.

  7. Jennie, I would LOVE a graphic novel version! :-) Renee, thank you so much (and now Amazon will have to order some more, yay). I really hope you love the book!