December 6, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Blog, winter weather in Wisconsin is no great shakes, but we do have our days when it's pretty darn cool.  Wow, I could have done some punning there.  But actually, I'm here to share the photos I took December 5 when a perfectly sunny day followed after our first snowfall of the year.  Walk with me through the winter wonderland that is Tuckaway.

This is the back of our house, which is actually the front of our house.  You had to expect something curious to be the case at Magic House, didn't you?

This is the path that leads through Windemere Estates, our section of Tuckaway.  We do our best to seem like a cozy Tudor village.

This is a cozy Tudor squirrel.

More Tudor loveliness.

Gimme those good, old-fashioned mature trees.

The neighbor's birdhouse was so cute with snow on the roof.

That's our house in view behind the sign.  We love our huge evergreen trees.

This is the front of our house which is really the back of our house.

Alas, patio party days are suspended till May.  But it's still pretty.

Wanted to show you how nice the snowflake gel clings look on a sunny day.

So Wisconsin winter was worthwhile, for these couple days at least.  Hope you enjoyed sharing the Tudor-y, winter-y coziness, Blog!


  1. That was a very nice trip down Tudor lane. I like the cozy Tudor squirrel.