June 4, 2011

The Patio Catnip Kicktoy Project

I don't know about you, Blog, but when I think "patio," I think "catnip kicktoys." I'm lying, that's completely random. (I hope you're getting this, Randometer!) Nevertheless, a patio is a very good place to make catnip kicktoys, because you can spill the catnip and no harm done. Now, on to the burning question in the minds of our readers: How do you make a catnip kicktoy?

1.  Find a patio. Ours works nicely. (Can you spot two cats?)

2. Gather your supplies: Some sturdy long socks (I used spa socks I found for $2 a pair at Michaels), fiberfill, catnip, needle, thread and scissors. Allow at least one sock per resident cat.

3. Fill the sock with alternating layers of fiberfill and catnip. Make it nice and puffy but also squeezable.

4. Do your best to keep your cat out of the catnip as you work. [Cody: Dude, this plastic lid is rocking my world!]

5. Don't be alarmed if your cat absconds with the catnip lid. [Cody: Man, this patio is awesome!]

6. Completely fill the sock with its wondrous stuffing mix. (So much better than Stove Top!)

7. Then, to paraphrase Devo, you must whipstitch it, whipstitch it good. Cats will not care about the color of thread or the neatness of stitches, so just make sure the opening is well sealed.

8. Proceed with remaining socks. Expect cats to try to climb inside the socks as you work...

...or start to nuzzle with the completed socks...

...or claim a sock before they are all finished.

9. Continue until all socks are completed transformed into catnip kicktoys. You are now ready to party!

Here, Alice demonstrates the actual catnip kicktoy kicking motion.

Some cats, like Alice, may also look at their new gift more as a catnip LICKtoy.

But see the drug-induced stupor love in her eyes? That will be your reward for the 5 to 10 minutes it takes you to make your beloved pet a catnip kicktoy.

I can think of no better use for a patio, Blog. No, I'm lying again. But still, we had fun!


  1. My big boy Boots is so mellow I am not sure what he what do! The crazy redneck Rose might jump to the moon! She jumps as high as a jack rabbit! I am not sure where the heck that girl came from! I do love the idea and your patio is very sweet! We are in a new place and there is work, work and more work to do! Enjoy the weekend and you are sweet to post this! Anne

  2. Aw, thank you Anne! Hugs to Boots and Rose.