July 7, 2011

Aggie FTW! (Hollywood Book Festival, that is)

Awesome news, Blog...and I couldn't wait to share it! The Hollywood Book Festival just announced the 2011 winners of its book competition, and Aggie's Nine Heroes won honorable mention in the Fiction book category. And they say it was a huge field of competitors this year!

Winners are chosen based on the author's storytelling ability (blush, blush) and the book's deserving  recognition by the film, television, game and multimedia communities.

So far Aggie is one-for-one in book competitions, so let's hope this will encourage more people to find out what makes it such a great book. Hey, don't take the author's word for it...ask the judges! :-)


  1. FABULOUS!! Congratulations, Diana!!

  2. Excellent news! I'm so glad other people are realizing what a talented author you are and what a fantastic book it is! (I'm still trying to get my mom to read it..)

    And I really will put together my thoughts on the book in a coherent fashion for you soon.. I haven't forgotten, just been busy.

  3. Thanks you guys, and Sam, maybe this will give your mom sufficient motivation! :-) I'm still looking forward to your further remarks!