July 1, 2011

Stuff I wouldn't buy even if I were filthy rich

Hey Blog, ever daydream about what you'd buy with your lottery winnings? I know, what can an anthropomorphized disembodied being use, really? Well, this week a person in my life spent a carpload of money on a luxury item and it got me to thinking about the Two Categories of Luxury Stuff. You know, "Stuff I would buy only if I were filthy rich" and "Stuff I wouldn't buy even if I were filthy rich."

See, Blog, to each of us there are some things that people get all hepped up about that we don't covet at all. Things that make a person say to herself, "Jeez, imagine the great stuff you could buy with the money you threw away on that lame thing!" I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere is wondering what luxury items just leave me cold, so here are a few:

1. Jewelry that features giant diamonds.

2. Memorabilia items owned by famous celebrities.

3. Sets of super expensive matching furniture, and/or stainless steel appliances.

4. A luxury car like a BMW.

5. An iPhone and/or a Mac. Yeah, I'm that way.

6. Front row seats to a concert by some hugely popular artist/band.

7. Designer clothes, shoes, and/or purses.

8. Celery. I really don't like celery at all.

9. A private plane.

10. Tickets to the Super Bowl for life.

So, because everyone in the blogosphere really wants to know, here are some things I would buy only if I were filthy rich:

1. A boat and a lake property where I could keep it. And also someone to take care of said boat.

2. Some really awesome art like maybe a glass piece by Dale Chululy.

3. A rock wall and water feature built into my living room.

4. A private seminar on polymer clay art with Christi Friesen.

5. A home theater system with leather recliners and stuff.

6. Lobster for dinner on a regular basis.

7. A wing in my house that I could convert to a home for a couple dozen shelter cats.

8. A ton of advertising in every possible medium for my books.

9. A vacation home in a warmer clime where I could live in the winter when Wisconsin sucks.

10. Two weeks in NYC and tickets to every show on Broadway and to the Tonys. Annually.

So readers, what do you think? Is there a luxury item you can't see ever wanting to own? What would be your first luxury purchase after the windfall?

Oh, and I would not keep the Chululy in the part of the house with the couple dozen cats.


  1. What a fun game!

    I'll have to give it more thought, but off the top of my head things I WOULD buy are:

    1. Game-worn hockey jerseys from my favorite players. (and in lieu of a Pavel Bure one, though I think I could probably find it, an authentic 1994 Bure Stanley Cup Finals jersey)

    2. A Pavel Bure watch as in the great-grandfather of the hockey player.

    3. I'd travel to all 30 NHL rinks for a game (well I have been to 8).

    4. Tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals (but I'd wait till it was a team I liked that was playing.)

    5. Art from Janny Wurts (she sometimes sells prints of her bookcovers which are gorgeous!)

    6. Every book I've ever read and loved, in hardcover (if available) or paperback (if not)-- and all the books I've wanted to read but haven't bought yet.

    7. A giant house with a library (or a room I could turn into a library) that I would furnish with comfy chairs and floor-to-ceiling shelves, and a sliding ladder to get to the high books. I'd open the library to the public. :)

    Things I wouldn't buy...

    1. Fancy shoes/purses/clothes/jewelry.. just not my scene.

    2. tickets to any awards show (except the NHL Awards).

    I'll have to think about these more. It's much easier for me to think of what TO buy than what not to buy. Heh heh..

  2. Wow, Sam, I love your list...heck, I love that you were inspired to MAKE a list! LOL Obviously I proved that I agree with your #1 as an exception to my #2, as I did spend the money for my game-worn Carbonneau jersey...and I still don't regret it.