May 6, 2010

Captured on film!

Blog, today I feel that I have joined the ranks of the world's great journalistic filmmakers.  I achieved the lifelong dream of capturing on video an event I thought would evade me forever.  Wow.

Of course I will share this footage with our readers, but before I do, let's spin the Randometer and ask him to share with us a couple examples of rare, amazing stuff being caught on film.  Hit it, Randometer!

Look at that!  Yes, it says here that this is a cough, something I've always considered more or less invisible, captured on camera by a Dr. Gary Settles a couple years back.  It was a special "Schlieren" camera.  Says the good doctor, "In my lab we use this technique a lot."  Well then, I'd love if he could photograph some more cool invisible stuff, like the square root of zero and the true meaning of the U.S. Tax Code.

Randometer has also turned up this amazing image.  The article on says, "Behold the rare Octopus USB drive mating ritual.  Notice how the magnetized lips join together in a passionate kiss.  Unfortunately, like the praying mantis, the female is prone to violence after mating. In the background you can see that the female has ripped the face off the male and stuck his lifeless corpse up on the fridge with a phony suicide note. Tragic I know--but it's nature and we mustn't interfere."  That's a pretty incredible photo all right.

But believe it or not, Blog, with my handy camera, ICU, I managed to achieve something far more amazing than either of these.  It's actual video of...wait for it...Cody hiccuping.

I know, right?  This is HUGE.  There are people out there who aren't even aware that cats can hiccup, and now we have proof

I never thought I'd see this day.  It's not that it's unusual for Cody to get the hiccups, that happens all the time.  Even though, oddly, he never laughs.  The problem is, his hics never last long, and by the time I've grabbed ICU and switched him to his video function, they are always over.  I have no idea what Cody does to cure his hiccups so effectively.  He doesn't get the other cats to scare him, or drink out of the wrong side of his water dish.  But regardless of that mystery, the point is:  on this video, you can see (and hear) two of his petite little hics, one at 1 second and another at 11 seconds.  Enjoy!

I don't know, Blog...a Pulitzer maybe?  An Oscar for best Short Documentary?  Really, Really Short?


  1. OH CODES!!!!!! Ok that was adorable...bizarradorable in fact! It sounded like a tiny squeak like a dolphin or something!

  2. It is certainly the most demure little hiccup. I wonder if dolphins get the hiccups?