May 24, 2010

Stuff I bizarradore, Volume 3

Blog, you remember how Julie Andrews tells us when we're sad, we should think about our favorite things, right?  Well, today is therefore a good day for bizzaradores, because the series finale of Lost left me feeling pretty dang blue.  Not sayin' I didn't love it, 'cause I sure did.  Just sayin', well...Big Fat Sigh.  So, without further ado, some nice, cheering stuff I bizarradore:

Hockey player toughness

Yesterday was hardly a total bummer, Blog.  While we lost a favorite TV series, we gained an NHL Western Conference Champion.  The Magic House fave hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks, swept the San Jose Sharks in four games to earn a berth in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 18 years.  (The last time they won the Cup, Davie was 11 days old.)  One of the game's heroes was Duncan Keith, who besides having one of the most awesome names ever, is probably the team's best defenseman.  Duncan got hit in the face by a puck and lost seven teeth, one of which he almost choked on.  He missed seven minutes of the game.  Only seven minutes.  Only in hockey do you see that kind of pain tolerance and dedication.  Read how nonchalant Duncan was about it all on this hilarious report from the Chicago Sun-Times.

People who read the blog even when there are plenty of other things to be doing

I spent an inordinate about of time on yesterday's post, Blog, when I should have known it was a beautiful May Sunday when the last thing the twelve people who read this blog would feel like devoting time to.  (Oy, I've ended two sentences with prepositions in this post...I really am losing it.)  So I wanted to give a shout out to those devoted fans and followers who actually read our terribly non-insightful ravings on days like that.  Free cuddles with Cody to any one of you anytime you show up at Magic House.

Tiny food

In my perusings as a polymer clay artist, I occasionally come upon one of those groovy people who specialize in tiny, doll-size food. Sometimes I really can't believe their talent. Take, for example, these ridonkulously perfect itty bitty cheeses and crackers. You know the artist has done well when you really, really want to eat the lilliputian stuff. You can see more mini-foods here.

Matthew Morrison singing the national anthem

I'm not sure that in his role as Mr. Schue on "Glee," Matt is getting to show off the full range of awesomeness of which his pipes are capable.  (See, I managed to not end with a prepo there, Blog.  And total awkwardness ensued.)  However, in this anthem sing from the Mets/Yankees game, you get the drift.  Wow.  Is it unpatriotic to want to swoon over "The Star Spangled Banner"?

Pizza with fig spread, prosciutto and gorgonzola

This was the treat daughter Manzi and boyfriend Nate prepared for our Lost Finale gathering of three, and it was so yummy it really soothed the sting of the occasion.  Our readers can whip it up themselves easily:  just a thin coat of fig spread on a pre-crisped thin crust, topped with bits of prosciutto and crumbles of gorgonzola, then baked a bit more to melt the cheese.

Ben Linus

I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I certainly must say it the day after bidding him farewell:  I love Ben.  He's so much more than just the most beat-up character in TV history.  He's so easy to love as well as to fear, hate, pity and lust after.  (I don't give a crap about that prepo, Blog--I'm in mourning, gol' dang it!)  How did you manage that, Lost writers Damon and Carlton?  How can you be so amazing, Michael Emerson?  How am I going to get along with you, Benjamin Linus? 

Okay, Blog, okay...I'm not going to cry again, here.  Ben and his fellow Losties will live on in our hearts 4evah, and that's what really matters.  Let's sing another rousing chorus of "Here Come the Hawks" and keep those chins held high!


  1. I miss Ben already. I am thrilled that he survived the series and turned good, but I want more. Here's hoping he comes back to TV in something just as wonderful as Lost. Maybe I'm overstating things, but anything else just seems beneath him.

    Hope to see you soon, Michael!

  2. I'd watch him in anything, but I'm with you...doubtful he'll ever have as awesome a role as that! Sigh...

  3. Wait, I'm confused. The Blackhawks are you favorite?

    What happened to the Red Wings and Avalanche bathroom? What about the Stars?

    I'm trying to fathom it all.

    I did, however, like your post yesterday about the patio. The pics were beautiful. And as for cuddles from Cody, I think sometime in the next couple of years, my sister and I will be up that way. I'll keep that in mind as well as other collections we can get for reading! Your writing really is great.

  4. You, as clearly one of my most long-term fans, merit an explanation on the hockey. My husband is a life-long Hawks fan, and Chicago was my first favorite hockey team, in the mid-90s. During their late-90s slide into horribility, I followed Ed Belfour to the Stars and then glommed on to Guy Carbonneau, while Davie temporarily adopted the Avalanche. (The Red Wings were our daughter Manzi's fave...both of us have always hated/feared them!) When Hawks owner Bill Wirtz died, Davie and I began following them again. It's very sad, but Chicago fans knew they'd never be good again until that happened. And lo and behold, they are!

    Hey, plan your visit for summer and you and your sis can meet Cody AND our patio! Awesome! And thanks so much for the compliment!

  5. I miss Ben too. I don't think I've've ever been so attached to a fictional character before. Lost is going to leave a HUGE gap in the schedules.
    But I am glad that he was 'redeemed' in the end and seemed at peace. As for seeing him in other roles, I'm certain , from what he has said in interviews, that he'll want to go back to the stage. It would be amazing to see him live, although since he lives in NYC I'm sadly on the wrong continent :p
    You like vampires, don't you Diana? Have you seen Michael's wife in True Blood? She's great. Maybe she can get him to guest star...

  6. Oh, the theater...sigh. That's not good for those of us who don't live in NYC even if we're on the correct continent, Argenta! :-(

    Is the pope Catholic? I haven't written slews of books and stories about our bloodsucking friends for nothing! LOL Yes, I'm a huge True Blood fan and Arlene is an awesome character. Lucky Carrie getting to be married to Michael AND on such a fabulous show!