June 18, 2010

Artist of [Undetermined Timeframe] #7 - Visual Artist Michelle Lorraine

Blog, it’s high time we featured another Artist of [Undetermined Timeframe]. Michelle Lorraine is a friend I met on Facebook whose story I’m happy to feature because I know our readers will find it inspiring. It’s a case of rediscovering the love of art you may have set aside in your younger years, and rededicating yourself to creating beautiful things. And Michelle’s recently-resumed artwork is beautiful! Let’s turn the post over to her to tell us all about it....

I am a blossoming artist. I say “blossoming” because I now finally have the time to dedicate to creating art and I have not been doing it very long. I am taking lessons from another artist and I plan to continue on this path. My mentor is Dean J. Baer, a nationally recognized artist who does amazing work. He has his own studio in West Palm Beach. He also happens to be from Wisconsin. :) Dean and I actually worked together about ten years ago and it is inspiring for me to see how he has become so successful and is now living his dream.

I'm very much a sensual, mildly erotic artist. I take great interest in the emotion of love, passion and the encircling feeling of protection of secrets and inner sanctity that two loves have. My favorite example is probably my painting “Luna Love.”

This painting is actually a moment in time for me. I grew up in Oklahoma and my last love, who also happened to be a childhood best friend, recently passed away. This is a memory of a night that we spent making love in the middle of Ponca Lake, at night, with the full moon embracing us with its passionate glow. I'll never forget the millions of stars in the sky and the glittering sparkles on the lake. It was probably the most romantic, magical, loving moment I've ever had.

So...I took some art classes at a college a few years ago as a way of tapping into the ability in art that I had even as a child. Not that I want to toot my own horn too much, but it's just something that has always come somewhat easy for me.

I took art classes at a local college, mostly drawing, and did very well with it. I learned excellent shading techniques and approaches to realism. But when I took the painting class, I really struggled with getting my idea down on canvas and with the instructor. So, there went the painting class. Then travel for my job ramped up again and I had to put school on hold.

I put the paints down in frustration, had my son and now that he's four (and I'm fairly confident now that he won't eat the paint), I've been trying again. I recently reconnected with Dean, and told him about my stress with approaching painting. He has been helping me get past that need to be so precise with various assignments in abstract, seeing visions in the clouds of color and combining realism with abstract. So, I've been experimenting lately with different styles. I literally have only been painting for two months. But I've been encouraged by many to continue and I'm hoping this will be a successful new path for me.

I think my voice is finally coming to its own. Some of it is experimentation in the abstract and is not really going to be my style, but these pieces were works in helping me “let loose” with the painting a little bit--and has helped me tremendously with enjoying painting. You will see in my drawings though, my tendency towards realism.

Thanks so much for taking an interest in me and my artwork!

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing these lovely, romantic images with us. As a romance fiction writer I am certainly drawn to this sort of art. And I know your story will inspire a few “lapsed” artists to re-explore their talents!


  1. Those are lovely! Thanks, Michelle and Diana! :) Great story too. I'm glad you were able to re-connect with your "lost love" of art.