June 7, 2010

Let them eat cake...or cat grass

You know, Blog, I’m sure my weekend report will make our friend the Randometer proud. I watched Stanley Cup Finals hockey, went to a Pirate Festival, made a cake of polyclay and watched my cats eat grass. I’m sure even if you weren’t a disembodied yet anthropomorphized being, you couldn’t have done better, randomness-wise.

I want to report in full on this poly-cake business. I’m a participant in a monthly challenge by crafter June aka ACreativeDreamer, called the Creativity Invitation. Every month June comes up with a theme, and creative types from all over the Web contribute their creations. For the very first month, the theme is “Let Them Eat Cake.”

Well, it just so happens that for a long time I’ve wanted to make a polymer clay cake. Fondant is so much like polymer clay, you know, Blog? So June didn’t have to ask me twice. I decided as long as I was making a polyclay dessert, why not do it right and make it chocolate? So my little cake is covered in chocolate clay frosting festooned with chocolate clay roses from white to that kind that’s 80% cacao, woo, cacao! Ironically though, no clay fondant on this cake.

But not only is it a cake, it’s a box! Which of course makes it a cakebox! What a groovy mash-up, hey Blog? I used a small round box just shy of 3” in diameter, made out of stiff cardboard, which I got from the dollar bins at Michael’s awhile back. Since polymer clay bakes at 270 degrees, using a paper box like this is no problem.

Davie thought it looked like a Ding Dong until I put the roses on. One could make a polyclay Ding Dong if one wanted to, Blog. Umm, I could go for a Ding Dong right now.

To me my Chocolate Cakebox most certainly passes the litmus test of looking good enough to eat, which of course Alice tried to do, as you see here. Although to a cat like our Pookie, as she is also known, anything looks appetizing. Think the fact that it’s plastic will deter her? Remember, this is the cat who ate an entire pair of fleece pants.

But far more appropriate for cat dining is our new discovery, cat grass. As you know, Blog, when our cats are on the patio they can be tempted to leave the Permitted Concrete Zone by the succulent-looking lawn that lies beyond the hedge. I was thinking we should look into growing some grass in a nice patio pot so they wouldn’t have to break the rules in order to dine al fresco.

And last time we were at Stein’s, lo and behold, at the checkout counter Davie noticed a display of cat oats. I planted them in a basket on the patio and in a week or two the things were crazy thriving already. This weekend we finally had a dry day to let the felines out, and boy, do they dig this cat grass.

If our readers want to similarly treat their cats, I found some cat grass here for sale on Amazon. You may also be able to find it at your local garden center or pet supply store. Look for oats like this especially, as they are very good for cats (dogs too!).

I wonder if next month’s Creativity Invitation will lend itself so well to a mash-up weekend, Blog. We, and the Randometer, can only hope.


  1. WOW! That is GREAT! I am so impressed...I can't wait to see what everyone else does too...I can't wait to see what I do, I'm a shade behind on the ideas for the moment, I've been elbow deep in playing with pastels, but I'm sure something will hit me soon...I hope.

    I am so looking forward to being able to post everyone's creative talents!

  2. Thank you, June! I too am excited to see the others' stuff including yours. And already excited for next month's challenge!

  3. The mini cake box is cute---but the kitties are cuter!!!
    (I'm a dork--I accidentally wiped out my bookmarks & had to find you again! you should have a direct link on the sidebar of your website( you know, for dingbats like me!) ;)

  4. Thanks, Erica! I know it would be good to take you advice, but I'm too lazy to change the dianalaurence.com site design to add a link in the sidebar. I really should do something like that to make the blog link more prominent though, you're right!

  5. That is just darling, I saw it first in the Flickr gallery but couldn't tell the size. I love, love, love it!

  6. Love this little cake! How awesome that it is a box too!! Wonderful work ♥

  7. A box! And it looks so edible! Fantastic!

    I can hardly wait to see what June offers us next ;- )

  8. Thanks, Kim and Sue! And I agree, I can't wait to see what the next challenge will be.