June 14, 2010

Blog interviews Son of Hibachi

From our Consumer Tips and Patio Parties Department, Blog is here today to introduce you to the newest member of our household at Magic House.  Please welcome Son of Hibachi!

Blog:  Glad to have you with us, Son of Hibachi!  Whoa, saying that out loud I just realized the pun.

SoH:  Ah yes, it is funny, you think?

Blog:  Very clever and late-night-TV-infomercial-worthy, Son.  So by way of introduction, what brings you to Magic House aka Chez Diana?

SoH:  Well, you see Magic House patio has fine gas grill, very fine, but nothing which might incorporate charcoal briquets.  Diana recently enjoyed her daughter's Smokey Joe cooking with mesquite charcoals.  Big tasty.

Blog:  I see, so she had a hankering for that wood smoke flavor.

SoH:  Yes, yes!  And for hibachi cooking of her childhood, you know how in 1960s American suburbs, they love hibachi.  And from the Interweb she learned about me!

Blog:  And what's your schtick, Son?  You don't look exactly like a hibachi or any other grill.  And what the H-O-double-hockey-sticks is a Snuff-Out Pouch?

SoH:  I am happy to tell whole story of use of Son of Hibachi, Blog.  You begin by unfolding Son to open position, like so.  And put charcoals on each side, like so, and some in center tray with little firestarter maybe.  Put on some lighter fluid, good douse.  Instruction say not needing to put on side coals, but maybe better you do.

Blog:  Following you so far.

SoH:  Light coals in center tray, then fold up Son of Hibachi.  Clip at top like in picture, this all makes chimney effect to light charcoals!  Very clever!

Blog:  That IS clever.  And may I say, you're sort of an Asian Billy Mays, aren't you?

SoH:  Billy Mays, greatest master of all infomercials!  I humbly thank you for comparison.

Blog:  You're welcome.  So I imagine with that "chimney effect" the coals are ready faster than with a traditional grill.

SoH:  Yes, yes.  Maybe ten minutes, Son is ready.  Open up, spread coals out, maybe rearrange.  Then put on food, like tasty tequila lime chicken prepared by Diana.

Blog:  Yummy.  And then you work like, well, a charcoal grill!

SoH:  Yes, you see in photo, result of cooking is tasty grilled tequila lime chicken.  But now Son of Hibachi do even more crazy stuff!

Blog:  Not anything like on those wacky Japanese game shows where people jump through weird cutout shapes to avoid being knocked into the pool...

SoH:  No, no, ha ha!  No, Blog, not like game show.  Like this:  fold up Son again, push in ash drawer and top clip, creates vacuum to extinguish and save coals!  Also burns off grills to clean!

Blog:  Wow!  Do you need an oven mitt to do that?

SoH:  Not even.  Aluminum legs and handles stay cool to touch.  Then, in goes Son of Hibachi to Snuff-Out Pouch!  That finish job, and also you can right away put Son in garage or car.

Blog:  While you're still roasting hot?

SoH:  They make pouch from same stuff as firefighter suits.  Will be very warm but not hot to burn you, Blog!

Blog:  Sweet!  And what might I have to pay to get my own Son of Hibachi, Son?

SoH:  Order straight from website www.sonofhibachi.com, 75 American bucks, free shipping!  Very heavy with cast iron, but still, shipping free!

Blog:  Well, I'm sold and I know Diana is too.  Otherwise why would she have me interview you for no remuneration from the manufacturer, just as a service to our grilled-meat loving readers?

SoH:  Good for corn too!  Very good for corn and veggies!  170 square inches for any food that won't fall through slots.

Blog:  So you won't be good for making bacon spaghetti for Diana's dad next weekend, then.

SoH:  Not so good for spaghetti, fall through slots.

Blog:  Sort of like on those wacky Japanese game shows where people jump through weird cutout shapes to avoid being knocked into the pool.

SoH:  Blog very funny guy.  Very funny anthropomorphized being with masculine vibe.

Blog:  Right back atcha, Son.


  1. Wow.

    Thank you.

    I wrote a post a couple months ago assessing my cooking skills and remarking that while I love grilled food, I'm completely intimidated by grills. And now there's this thing that's so not intimidating and also seems ideal for charcoal grilling (which tastes better to me) for one or two.

    What a great post.

  2. Grilling is easy, really! If you experiment with things like burgers and pre-cooked sausages to begin with, you can't really go wrong. I hope you'll give it a try, Renee, and glad you liked the post.

  3. Wow yeah that is brilliant. As 'Nee said (and again with the reading my mind, we are sisters after all) I love to cook but for whatever reason, grills throw me off a little. And, having been raised in a charcoal-only family (Dad still only grills on charcoal), that's the taste I truly love. The Son of Hibachi looks so easy and brilliant!

    Thank you, Blog and Diana for bringing this wonderful invention to my attention. :)

  4. You're welcome, Sam, so glad to get the M sisters double seal of approval...that is awesome!