July 15, 2010

Selke the cat and her Powervom

[Queasiness warning: this post is more silly than graphic, but do not read it while eating your breakfast.]

In the photo you see our cat Cody posing with our cat Selke, to give you a sense of feline scale.  Selke is petite, Blog.  She is really tiny, like your average bag lunch.  That's why I'm so amazed at her capacity to produce vom.

Selke is somehow capable of generating pretty much her own weight in puke after a meal.  That is why I want to officially declare that Selke's superpower, if she were to apply for superhero status, would definitely be her Powervom.

Our third cat Pookie, who is a long-haired Norwegian Forest Cat, produces the occasional hairball for which one can hardly blame her.  She is 75% fluff after all.  Cody throws up once every six months or so, completely soundlessly.  That's because he's awesome.  And yes, he's my favorite cat ever (and my family is very tired of hearing that.)

Selke is not soundless, which is a good thing, because you need to be able to track her behind bookshelves, under tables, and through piles of electronics wiring when she is in Powervom Mode.  She is not one to do the job all at once, even though sometimes the initial quantity makes you think so.

There is always more vom.

There is another great mystery about this situation, Blog:  How Selke manages to subsist on the amount she eats minus the amount she hurls.  Science would tell you she should be the size of a small gerbil by now, but this is not the case. 

I guess that's just the supernatural wonder of the Powervom at work.

And lastly, there is a third great mystery:  why we humans actually like our pets in spite of things like this.  Believe me, we are rooting for Selke to decide to turn in her superhero cape and set aside the magic of the Powervom, but until then, we continue to feed her.  Even though every time we do, it feels like a terrible mistake.

Fear not, readers, this video is not of the Powervom.  It's a nice, festive holiday video of Selke in a battle to the death with her reindeer antlers.

You do not want to be exposed to the Powervom.  Believe me.


  1. LOL!!!! I have three cats in my home and I wonder the same thing as I am following after my "random vom" kitty. Why can't they just keep it all in one place? Gotta love them though, and Selke sure is a pretty little cat :)

  2. Aw, thank you, Kim! And Selke thanks you. Kind of reassuring to know there are other cats with this problem, although I'm sorry you have to deal with it too. Good thing they are so cute or we'd never put up with it. LOL

  3. The video reminds me of the scene in Jean Shepherd's Christmas Story, where Ralphie is forced to try on the pink Easter Bunny suit made by his aunt. His mom says, "Aww, she always gives you the sweetest things!" and his dad says, "He looks like a pink nightmare!" lol.

    We have power vom dogs. When we hear one of them trying to hurl, we go running for the door to shoo them outside, but it never works. They've usually dropped two or three presents on the rug before we get them out. Why do they insist on doing it on the rugs, rather than the tile floor? We only have two area rugs in the whole house!

    This reminds me to get the rugs cleaned. Spot cleaners leave spots of their own.

    Still we love all four of our power vom doggies.

  4. Eileen, you crack me up. We've also done the "grab the pet and try to fling her onto a non-fabric surface" thing, and yes, it almost always fails. LOL