February 28, 2010

And for my next trick

Dear Blog, I guess it's no secret that I've aspired all my life to be a cartoonist. Yes, yes, I know...I should be satisfied with the fact that I have a friend and fan who loves to do comic books, and actually collaborated with me on one. (Hi CC!)  Believe you me, it was a huge thrill to write a comic.  But in a perfect world I would be able to draw, too.  You know, Blog--like, say, Alex Ross:

But the Justice League is WAY out of my league.  Heck, Family Circus is way out of my league.  But since when has a fact like that stopped me?  Since when has lack of talent stood in my way?  You are looking at the woman who composed a theme and variations for pipe organ when she had no idea how to play the foot pedals, Blog!!!  Untrained? So what! Unskilled? Pah!  So I decided, TO HECK WITH ALL THIS TALK OF TALENT!

And I created this comic strip!  Yay!  It's called "Living in Catmandu," and is about a house cat (Gregg) and a white tiger (Dan) who have pooled their limited resources to buy a condo together.  The condo, located in some medium-sized Midwestern city, is called Catmandu, and is geared for young, single cats of all sizes.  Gregg and Dan's place is a 2 BR 2 LB.  You know, two bedroom, two litter boxes.

So here is the first installment.  (Which, knowing my attention span, is probably also the last installment.)

Hey, after that build up, you were expecting maybe a new Charles Schultz?  Good grief.

Whew, Blog.  Feels great to have that out of my system.

In other updates from the weekend:

I made a new switchplate cover from polymer clay, an experience that once again demonstrated to me that a person can get lucky, sit down with virtually no plan, and have something accidentally come out cool.  That's the nature of polyclay.  You should try it, Blog!  It's awesome stuff!

Our good pals Andy and Cherie came over and we watched the Cinematic Titanic version (with riffing by Joel Hodgson et al.) of a horrendous movie called "The Doomsday Machine."  It was made half in 1967 and half in 1972.  Since the original cast was unavailable, the last 15 minutes of the movie consisted mostly of two people in spacesuits (helmets and all) staring out the window of their spacecraft.  And not moving.  Or even talking.  They made less motion and noise than YOU, Blog.  Horrors.

And congrats to the Canadian Men's Hockey Team.  Great game, sad ending for us U.S. hockey fans.  Okay, here's my question, Blog.  The percentage of hockey fans in Canada is probably like 99.9%, whereas in the States, not so much.  However, figuring in that the population of the U.S. is like 3582095878 times that of Canada, aren't there more of us down here?  Do the math!  Aw, I don't want to be a sore loser.  I raise an imaginary Timbit of tribute to you, Canada!

Now enough Glowing Hearts, bring back our regularly scheduled programming!  I think I've forgotten what Ted Mosby looks like!

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