February 26, 2010

Cell phone selfies

Dear Blog, today I just had to share with you how cool this jewelry set is with my outfit today.

I made this set with some super awesome stones that no sooner had I bought them (with a gift card from friends John & Jeri, thanks guys!), I totally forgot what they were called. See extreme close-up....

Anyhoo, I flipped when I saw the combo, and I was like, geez, I’d love to show this to Blog!

Well, that of course entailed a photo, and I was in a rush to get ready for work so I just grabbed my cell phone ’Berry. I’ve tried to take selfies with ’Berry before with little success. But you know the key to the thing? Do it with a mirror! Like this:

1.  stand in front of mirror
2.  point phone camera at self
3.  watch reflection of image on phone till you dig it
4.  click and cheer for cell phone selfie success

’Berry ws pleased and wanted to make this selfie his wallpaper but I put the kibosh on that. It’s not like I’m as attractive as this tiger head I currently have as wallpaper. (Sometimes ’Berry is a bit of a dumb phone.)

In other news, Blog, this morning at work we got a complaint from a customer in Toronto about the fact that he had to register to download CAD models from our website. He griped crabbily about it but then closed with “I hope you don’t think all Canadians are bad.” No, Customer, but I do think one or two of them are very cutely passive-aggressive. (Maybe he was worried because of how the Canadian women’s hockey team celebrated their gold medal.)

I also gave my associate and friend Matt the gift I made for his upcoming (outcoming?) baby. He really liked it a lot. It’s very cool to me to think something I made has a shot at becoming a baby’s favorite pal, the one s/he sleeps with, drools on and vomits between the ears of like I did as a kid with Bugsie. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And, Blog, congrats are due today to daughter Katie for paying off her car, Bloodball.

What’s that? You want the Broadway post? Soon, my little digital friend, soon.


  1. I suck at cell phone selfies!! Cute toy!

  2. Thanks, Jen! Hopefully the tip will be of use. :-)