February 27, 2010

Put de bacon in de vodka and drink 'em both up

Dear Blog, unsurprisingly, someone asked how to make bacon vodka.  The site from which I stole this fine illustrative photo has instructions just like the ones I followed.  (I hope the vast quantities of traffic I'm sending her way will make up for the stealing of the photo.)

I actually threw some extra bacon fat in the mix when I made my batch.  Of course it's key to get all the fat out when ready to serve.  A bacon martini with fat floating on top is pretty disgusting.  Frankly, a bacon martini is pretty disgusting, period.  Or at least it was to me.  My tongue was telling me, "You're eating bacon!" and my mind was telling me "Why is it not crispy then?  And wet?  OMG this is weird, Tongue!"  The dissonance was quite disturbing.

Bacon vodka is not too bad though when used in bloody marys.  Although I think I made my vodka just TOO baconey, Blog.  It simply wanted to be served on a plate next to some eggs, which of course would have been a disaster of a totally different kind.

But while I'm discussing bacon, which, like cowbell, makes almost everything better, a couple of related matters:

While bacon and vodka may not be the ideal mix, bacon and mayonnaise are.

And also not a bad idea is the combo of bacon and cats.


I'm happy and a bit astonished, Blog, to report that I made more money selling ebooks than print books in January.  All because of that crazy little thing called Amazon Kindle.

Best line from the Olympics coverage:  Fred Roggin said, "Join us on Curling After Dark...pour yourself a glass of wine, put on your favorite Marvin Gaye song, and grab your broom."

I have a girl crush on Canadian Womens Curling Team skip Cheryl Bernard.

And I'm wondering if anyone else get a little turned on when chefs use the term "mouth feel"?  Do you, Blog?

Lastly, how exciting is it that one of our labels now has two posts?  Whoa, Blog, are you trembling with excitement over that, or with rage that you still have to wait for the Broadway post?  Tomorrow, I promise!


  1. I definitely think this blog is more YOU!! It's fun and cre8tive!

  2. Aw, thanks! And yep, for good or ill, it's VERY me!

  3. You are having WAY too much fun with the new blog!

    And so am I - Thank you! :)

  4. Aw, thanks, Anonymous! And it does wonders for Blog's self-esteem to hear that someone else is having fun. :-)