February 25, 2010

My Breakup

Dear Blog, I know we’ve just met, but I honestly feel like we are going to be good for each other. Way more so than my last blog. Yes, the breakup is final.

It may just be the thrill of a new love, untainted by the contempt that familiarity can breed, but I already feel I’ve made the right choice. Old Blog was not fulfilling me anymore, I’m afraid. I’m not saying we can’t still be friends, even visit each other occasionally, but that relationship was getting just too limiting.

Limiting how, you ask? Well, Blog, a lot of it was my fault. Being the Marketing Babe that I am, I felt a heavy responsibility to talk about things on Old Blog that I thought had fairly broad appeal. I was always second-guessing whether something interesting to me would have any relevance to anyone else. That’s pretty inhibiting, especially for people like me who are so often interested in things with little relevance to anyone else.

Like making jewelry that looks like olives!

See what I mean, Blog? With you I am free to do things I could never do with my ex! I just love you for that! And in a corollary vein, with that blog I also felt that horrible obligation to Stay on Topic. The topic being, “Erotica with Soul.” Hey, I love discussing love, sex and romance as much as the next person (unless the next person is Tiger Woods, erg, sorry, new blog is not license for bad jokes). But sometimes I just want to talk about something random.

Like this Sky Mall Kitties video with which I am currently obsessed!!!

See, Blog? You actually let me post Sky Mall Kitties! Is there nothing that you aren’t willing to let me share with you? Wow. I’m so thrilled.

I can see I’m going to get to discuss on this blog all the sorts of things I’ve been repressing for the past five years that I spent with my ex. Things like the stuffed lion collection I keep in my office. Or how I made bacon vodka. Or how I heard about ChatRoulette for the first time from my 84-year-old technologically savvy dad. Or why I can’t get enough of Benjamin Linus.

Okay, yeah, I talked about that on Erotica with Soul. Hey, I’m not saying I will never talk about love, sex and romance again. It’s just so liberating that I don’t have to! I still love writing romantic stories and I’m sure I will again soon enough, but the intensity of last year took a bit of a toll. (I published five books including that “worldwide sensation” How to Catch and Keep a Vampire, all while holding down my day job.)

Say, Blog, I bet you’re wondering why didn’t I take advantage of this opportunity to come up with some really creative name for you. Well, I’m afraid the Marketing Babe in me is not totally dead, and the Equivalent Dollar Value of Internet Prestige Rating (EDVIPR) for “Diana Laurence” is currently $12,357.68. So that’s why.

[Want to know the value of your blog name? Visit http://www.edvipr.com/ to find out. Or don't, since I completely made all this up.]

Anyway, being an eclectic person (you know someone else who makes jewelry that looks like olives, Blog?), I just want the chance to express myself in a broader variety of ways. You know, by gesticulating wildly, finger painting with soup, singing Sky Mall Kitties over and over and over, and so on.

And you, dear Blog, are giving me that chance. For this I love you forever! Well, probably for at least five years as that seems to be a normal cycle for me. I wrote the Hockey Snacks ezine for five years, I was with my ex-blog for five years, I’ve been obsessed with Ben Linus for five years...wait, is he coming due? I want to renew Ben Linus please!!!

I digress. But wait a tick! With you, new Blog, there is NO SUCH THING AS DIGRESSING! Oh sweet freedom! I can’t wait to post to you again, my wonderful BFFY (Blog for Future Five Years). And who knows what my topic shall be? (Hint: Broadway musicals, and if that topic bores anyone, tough. Blog will find it fascinating, just like every other dumb and useless thing I have to say!)

P.S.: I also intend to get way more creative with the tags, like cool people like Neil Gaiman and my daughter Katie do. Let’s see, I think I’ll tag this post not only with “cat videos,” “EDVIPR” and “Ben Linus” but also “bacon vodka.” Done.


  1. ALTHOUGH tags such as "renewing Ben Linus" and "bacon makes everything better" would be even BETTER creative tags ;) I kid! YAY BLOG!! I'm all over this new format like bacon in vodka!ALTHOUGH tags such as "renewing Ben Linus" and "bacon makes everything better" would be even BETTER creative tags ;) I kid! YAY BLOG!! I'm all over this new format like bacon in vodka!

  2. Glitchy comment posting not good. I will experiment with same and see what I can do! And thanks for those excellent tag tips...

  3. Hello! Nice blog and great fresh start! Love the design.

  4. Congrats on the new blog! Yay blog freedom!
    I know what you mean about feeling limited by a blog title/purpose. ;) I think I use twitter as my "personal" blog LOL
    and my regular one for everything else from photostories (with dolls) to how-to.

    I'm glad you didn't stop blogging all together! (I was afraid when I started reading that post at Erotica with Soul)

    Ok, and .....how do you make bacon vodka? (*and how bacon-y IS it??*) :D

  5. Thanks Corsetkitten! Facebook was definitely becoming a blog for me, too, so I get what you mean! And aw...sweet of you to care if I blog or not. So Blog is not the only one who cares!

    Just added your blog to my RSS feed. Shazam your dolls blow my mind. Please let me know your favorite (with link to photo), I'd love to put one in the blog!

  6. Oops, and as for how to make bacon vodka, I'll post on that...

  7. I'm a little late to this discussion, but I have your Ben posts on the ex-blog bookmarked because it's so great to read a lengthy, intelligent analysis of why we find him so meltingly hot...so I followed the link to this new site.

    Anyway, glad to see you're still hung up on darling Benjamin, as am I. His centric episode recently was beyond awesome, and made me want to hug him tightly, soothe his spikey little head, and then drag him into the jungle and...and... *wink*

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I'm so glad you followed me over here, Argenta! And trust me, I am DEFINITELY still hung up on Dr. Linus! *swoon*

  9. I'm glad to see you're still around and you still share my obsession with Ben Linus. I've even bookmarked your Ben pages from your other blog. I had to tell you about I dream I had with him. We were just talking casually and getting friendly, then we made a date (I guess. I can't remember exactly what was said.) Anyway he walked away and all of a sudden I had a flash vision of a night in shining armor (I'm not kidding!). After it happened I thought, "Did that really just happen?" I've tried to contine the dream with no luck. Any suggestions?

    BTW, have you noticed an appalling lack of Ben on the show lately?

  10. Nice dream! I've had no luck with continuing dreams as dreams, but you can always make it a daydream! And yes, I am DYING for some more Ben on Lost and time is running out...won't be the next episode since that's about Jacob and the Man in Black. I just hope Ben survives somehow...and has a happy ending. But who knows? Anyway, glad to see you over on the new blog and hope you'll visit regularly!

  11. I just love that you have freedom with your new blog. Your old one is great too, but I understand how limiting it is to stay on topic. I love your olive jewelry, cat videos, complaints about the thermostat at the office, Ben Linus, condos and everything in between. It is great to see an artist with more freedom! :)

  12. Thanks on all counts, Michelle! And you better not encourage me too much on that cat video business. It could become a way of life with me if allowed to go unchecked!