April 28, 2010

I like [almost] everything

Yesterday, Blog, we learned that I like Liv Schreiber dressed either as a man or a woman. This just went to reinforce my sense that this blog could be subtitled “Eclectic R Us.” It also put me in mind of that beloved song by Pat McCurdy that runs like this:

I like men and I like women
I like sinkin’, I like swimmin’,
I like dogs and I like cats,
I like cows in cowboy hats.
I like knives and forks and spoons,
I like to whistle happy tunes;
I like to come, but not too soon...
I like everything!

I like almost everything, to the point where it’s almost more interesting (assuming it’s interesting at all, which may be a leap) to know what I don’t like.

Take for example Ipo, my iPod, who currently stores 30 genres of music. This morning during my workout and drive I heard these random tracks:

Manhattan Transfer – Route 66
The Four Seasons – Candy Girl
Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
[title of show] (OBC) – Part of It All
Roxette – The Look
Vince Guaraldi – Baseball Theme
Hair (OBC) – Good Morning Starshine
Eric Carmen – That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
Bryan Adams – Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

I’m hard pressed to come up with a type of music not on Ipo, as I do have a rap song, a couple country songs, and something approximating death metal. But here’s what I don’t like: late Beatles. I actually don’t like “Eleanor Rigby--I know, Blog, it’s a scandal.

When it comes to movies and TV shows, I’m also pretty eclectic. “The Sound of Music” to “3:10 to Yuma,” “Forbidden Planet” to “Office Space,” “Lethal Weapon” to “Beaches,” “Saw” to “Veggie Tales,” I can dig it. What I don’t like? Mob movies and stuff about drug dealers. With the rare exception (e.g., the Godfather movies) they are just not my scene, and no I didn’t watch “The Sopranos.” Weird though how I like “Breaking Bad.”

I will also eat just about anything. I even ate dirt on a dare when I was a kid. Along with unsweetened Koolaid powder, but let’s not digress. I do have a problem, however, with offal and celery. Offal, you know, Blog, is stuff like brains and headcheese. And while every other veggie is fine with me, celery is as awful as offal. Put a stalk in my bloody mary and I will be offally offended.

What’s that you say, Blog? You think our Randometer would enjoy a list of random things I don’t like? Well, I’m happy to oblige! I don’t like:

  • The current obsession with stainless steel appliances.
  • Chimpanzees (although I do like “Another Postcard with Chimpanzees” by Barenaked Ladies).
  • Not cutting the tags off stuffed animals.
  • All amusement park rides that have height requirements, and most of the ones that are for kiddies too (although it’s fun watching other people ride them).
  • Chewing gum (and it’s not fun watching other people chew it).
  • Knotted up telephone cords.
  • When Google Alerts turns up bogus stuff that has nothing to do with the topic.
  • Top hats when they are not worn to look elegant (e.g., Slash and the Mad Hatter).
  • And the ultimate thing to be hated in my world: Misuse of the term “enthused.”

But you know, Randometer, as much fun as that was, I believe it’s far better to think about the random things one likes (see bizarradore). I feel extremely fortunate to be born such an eclectically-inclined person. Life would be even better if I could say I liked soccer, the band XTC, tarantulas, scotch, and the Great Plains.

Okay, fellow eclecticophiles, what do you like? Click the right-on box if cows in cowboys hats rock your world!


  1. I like lots of junk too. Cows in cowboy hats? Not so much, but it's cool that you do! I also do like Eleanor Rigby, because it is a PERFECTLY metered poem. That kind of stuff amazes me.

  2. Dear Diane,

    That was a cool list. I agree with you regarding the mob and drug dealer movies (and I have to wonder why the men I've know dig those so much). I've never tried brains and headcheese, though I like chicken livers and hearts. I don't like "extreme" amusement park rides either. Celery is sort of OK, though I can't remember the last time I went out of the way and actually bought it.

    This post reminded me of one of the "ready-made" posts I have for my own blog. "Odd facts about me" was originally supposed to go on my official website. But I think you will agree that the blog is a better place.

    P.S. Thanks for giving my Roundhedz and me a stage :)!

  3. Wow, I have finally found a few things that we aren't on the same brainwave about. It was getting a little weird there for a while.

    Interestingly enough, I LOVE celery and chewing gum (I'm a serial gum chewer, probably like 8-10 pieces per day sometimes). I also enjoy headcheese, but only the stuff my uncle makes because my grandpa was a butcher and it's a magical family Louisiana recipe. Yes, I know what's in it and yes, i don't care. LOL I will eat just about anything once and if it's good, I'll eat it again. ;)

    I don't really understand the thrill of any Beatles songs myself. They don't bother me, but I don't particularly like them either. And I often cut tags off stuffed animals!

    But I totally dig cows in cowboy hats, particularly that fellow in the pic. He's adorable!

  4. Cherie, true point about "Eleanor Rigby"! Jennie, you're most welcome...people loved your Roundhedz! Sam, as long as you don't like celery flavored gum, we're cool. :-)

  5. celery flavored gum? That sounds gross! But, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that if I ever found celery flavored gum, I would be compelled to try it. My sis and I have made a habit and a bit of a game out of trying weird flavors of gum and potato chips.