April 6, 2010

Where were Blog and I yesterday?

Blog, as you well know since you have been there for it all, since I started this blog some five weeks ago I’ve been posting six or seven times a week. So what happened yesterday? Where was that post that our vast readership, rivaled only by the number of Facebook fans of Twilight, desperately craved?

Well, I’ll tell you, readers. Blog has put me on a special training regimen. This regimen tests me to my limits. It requires determination, discipline, and even that elusive quality known as “pluck.” What is the regimen?

Blog says sometimes I just have to not post.

Those who know me well understand that I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to fixating on projects. I have an almost superstitious fear of missing deadlines, even deadlines for stuff for which I am not paid, like my gig doing a monthly column for Novelspot.net. I believe haven’t missed a deadline there in over three years. When my publisher went under in 2006, I went on a rampage expanding my publishing company to offer my large backlist plus a new title, all in a month, while holding down my day job. Why? Because I’m Slightly Psycho.

So Blog has suggested I work on this problem. I’m very proud to say, not only did I not post yesterday, I was five days late with my column for Novelspot. Blog gave me not one but two gold stars on the little chart on the fridge which he has called “Diana’s Leak Off List.”

Blog says these adaptations of behavior patterns will extend my life as well as give me a slightly better, but still not good, chance of being considered sane by family and friends.

So, I just want everyone to be aware, this six-or-seven times a week posting may or may not occur.

Oops. Blog just told me a normal person would simply not always post, without feeling the need to talk about it. Shoot. I suppose I should really delete this whole post. But that would mean going two days without one.

I’m just not ready for that kind of leap forward. But please don’t take away my gold stars, Blog!

[P.S., and don’t tell Blog I added this: If you’d like, you can read my latest column for Novelspot. I do recommend it for aspiring authors who’d like to hear the big lessons I learned from getting a lucrative book contract--stuff they really need to know, I think.  But if you tell Blog, he’ll think this was just my way of making up for yesterday’s missing post.  He knows me so well.]


  1. Man, can I say I've been doing this daily thing for 3+ years and I still haven't missed a day? At this point I don't know if I think the world would come to a screeching halt or what. Honestly, no one but me would realize if I missed a day. I really should cut loose once in a while.

  2. Blog would disapprove, Jen, but you're a woman after my own heart. What cracks me up is that I remember like yesterday your pre-blog days, when you came to me asking if I thought you were blogger material. My advice was to reflect on whether you could commit to posting regularly. Little did I know you'd turn into the queen of bloggers!!!