April 8, 2010

Wacky stuff on my work computer

Blog, the Randometer has been bugging me to get some more attention here on the blog. To appease him (yes, sometime in the past weeks Randometer has become anthropomorphized, it happens), I decided to treat our readers to a little randomness.

Our subject today is wacky stuff that can be found on my work computer at the day job. I found a few fun things to share, things which do not incriminate anyone but myself, because I didn’t feel like drawing up those legal forms where you get permission to use images of people and have my co-workers sign off on them. I realize I’ve been using images of celebrities constantly on this blog without their permission, but I don’t have ads here so am not making money off them, and really why would Matthew Morrison bother with little me? My co-workers, on the other hand, see me every day and could beat me up.

So, let’s begin with this picture of me dressed as a lion. Scary. I dressed as a lion for the office Halloween party a few years back because the company logo features a stylized lion. My boss did threaten to make me appear at company functions as an official mascot. Very scary. Actually, when I came home from work in this get-up, my cat Cody met me in the kitchen and puffed up in terror. Seriously. Thanks again, Sarah, for lending me the cool costume you made.

I’m not the only one to adapt the lion theme. Here’s a little ad that was worked up by one of the sales reps (I believe it was). He might have been having a bad day.

Over the years I have had fun adapting our company logo and here are a couple of examples. One was for the softball team, and the other for the launch of our big building project. The possibilities are endless.

Uh-oh, Randometer is getting bored. Better move on from lions.

Let’s try sharks. A few years ago we had a snow sculpting competition. This was my teams entry, “Scuba Snowman in Trouble.” Can you believe we didn’t win? Me neither! Then again, I think the prizes never got awarded. Sometimes things just slip through the cracks at that place.

Randometer is still giving me a pretty low score here. Okay, how’s this? The I.T. Department asked me to design computer wallpaper for the new “cyber café” in our lunchroom. So this is what I came up with for them:

Sad to say, it was never used. They just put some regular boring picture up. What, is this wallpaper not cool? Was it too lame for the geeks in the I.T. Department? I just don’t get it. I used a nifty computer-like font and everything.

I think Randometer’s pointy hand actually went down a few points there. But don’t worry, I’ve saved the best for last, the most random thing I have on my work computer. Drum roll please, Blog. Behold, it’s—

An empty barrel that once held Ecuadorian Banana Puree! Yes!

There we go, Randometer likes!


  1. I think Randometer's needle would break right off if it saw the crazy jpgs on my computer!! One in particular comes to mind which I will email to you!

  2. And you did! And I am SO going to post them in the future. Holy cow, Randometer will love them.