April 13, 2010

Random stuff on my daughter’s Mac

Well, Blog, we invited people to check out their work computers for random stuff like the photo of the Ecuadorian Banana Puree Barrel that can be found on mine. I’m happy to report that Randometer is in for the experience of his life: daughter Katie is sharing with us a few “highlights” of what she has on her Mac at work.

England Dan and John Ford Coley’s timeless song “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” is celebrated in this first item. How the phrase “movin’ in” became “my linens,” only Randometer can begin to guess. But do note the classic Katie Nelson style in the design of the linens logo.

As you well know, Blog, there’s nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of a llama, particularly if said llama is named Tina. You don’t have to be a Napoleon Dynamite fan to enjoy the signage below. Tina, drink your latte!

I am told the next image had something to do with Snopes, the website that helps us all differentiate reality from hoax. Someone has been caught red-handed photoshopping in a mountain lion (or cougar). Shame, shame.

How thrilled was I to be reminded of “Saladfingers,” one of the weirdest internet video crazes ever? If you are not familiar with this rusty spoon aficionado of the interwebs, I’m providing the video here as well. Needless to say, Randometer flips over Saladfingers. “Hello, young child.”

Meanwhile, in Randometer’s world, no computer hard drive is complete without the obligatory photo of the Arby’s Oven Mitt Mascot. You can’t argue with that.

Blog, anyone who’s surfed the web has run into these annoying banner ads. However, the ad’s charm gets a huge boost when Katie photoshops the head of my nephew-cat Floyd onto that long body. Floyd is sometimes referred to as “Fat Dog,” and this image really captures the essence of that.

Lastly I must close with something so very random I cannot even begin to guess what stressed-out, freaked-out mood at Katie’s office served as the maelstrom that gave it birth. All I know is it is called “Chimeric Showbiz.”

Draw your own conclusions, Blog. At any rate, this menagerie of haphazard glory has possibly broken Randometer, who seems to be flailing and twitching as if in the grip of a seizure of joy. Thank you, Katie! Anyone else want to treat us to the random stuff on your work computer? Just comment and we’ll hook you up!

Now, an Exciting Teaser Just Like on TV

Hey, you know what? Blog and I are coming up on our 50th episode already! Looks like it will occur April 21 or thereabouts, and to observe this milestone, Blog will be interviewing someone absolutely huge. Bigger than Oprah, bigger than Jon and Kate with or without their Eight, bigger even than someone whose every breath is reported on by the media like Tiger Woods! Holy cats, who will it be? Well, we’ll be giving you some hints up until the big event, so be sure not to miss a day.

Today’s hint: our guest knows more than you, me, Blog and Stephen Hawking all put together. Oh the Lost-like suspense!

UPDATE:  Per Katie’s comment below, we must give credit to her friend Nicole for the linens logo.  Well done, Nicole!  And I must say, I got a good guffaw out of Nicole’s other re-envisioned lyric, “Precious and few are the moments we toucans share.”  Precious indeed!

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  1. Haha!! YAY!! But big correction alert! "I'm not talkin' 'bout my linens" is NICOLE'S creation!! (But Nicole and I do have similar graphic styles, so I can see the confusion!) She always thought those were the lyrics and then made a tshirt design to reflect...she made two others: "Precious and few are the moments we toucans share" and "Rock me apple danish"! The hilarity never stopped when Nicole worked at CK, I tell ya!!