April 14, 2010

A quiet spring evening at Magic House

As Blog well knows, "Magic House" is what we call the old homestead here in Tuckaway subdivision, Wisconsin.  On this April night we are fortunate to have the windows open and the place flooded with fresh air.  Davie has to leave for work at 6 a.m. so is already a-bed.  So I decided to capture a few cozy scenes.

Here's a commonplace occurence chez us, Blog:  Cody with his furry face pressed to the screen door.  His hobby is being interrupted by the rude intrusion of Alice.  She won't stay long.

Aaaaand, she's moved on to the food dishes.  Actually, I took this photo to show you two brand new additions to our home.  It's our garbage can and paper recycle bin, Castor and Pollux.  Our old cans were broken long ago but we had not been able to find correct sized replacements anywhere.  Then today Davie came upon this pair at Wal-Mart of all places, and in the perfect red to match the kitchen walls!  C'mon, red garbage cans deserve to be named on that count alone!  And they were only ten bucks each.  Insane.

Here's our renowned scribbler board, on the fridge.  Well, last week I impulse-bought one of those little machines that shaves the pills off sweaters.  I have some VERY pilly sweaters that have been repulsing me lately.  I shaved the black one and it came out great!  Need to do the white one and the blue one next.

And where is that shy little beastie Selke hanging out?  Up in the studio, per usual.  The studio is always uber-cozy at night.

I apologize for the graininess, but this is the view of our patio from the studio window.  One of these weeks we'll be out there at this hour, having a nightcap.  It's almost warm enough tonight.

That's all I got, Blog!  Time for a tiger snooze...goodnight.

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