April 16, 2010

My TV Soulmate revealed!

Blog, it was very cool to see a lot of people participate in the TV survey so far. And I’m leaving it open for future readers if they would like to take it as well just for giggles. But right now I know you are chomping at the bit to find out the results.

Well, as you might expect, my best match in TV watching is Davie, with a score of 33 out of 39. It always nice to have your spouse/life partner be a good match in this regard, seeing as you do undoubtedly share a TV. Davie and I only differ on “Lost” (which he watched for a long time and then quit; he is not one who enjoys drawn-out suspense), musical shows (“Glee,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “The Sing-Off”) and sometimes comedies. He also bailed on “The Office,” due to his [justifiably] perpetual embarrassment for Michael Scott, and although “30 Rock” cracks him up, he doesn’t watch it.

But Davie is exempt from competition here, and I’m happy to report I found another amazingly close match! “R.E.B.,” a Facebook friend of mine who friended me due to her interest in my fiction writing, scored an incredible 19. It’s fascinating to discover you have such similar taste in entertainment with someone you just met on the Web. Awesome!

What I think our readers will find even more interesting is the astonishing news of which of my shows scored highest with survey participants. Well, there was a tie with the totally awesome hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” but this other one surprised me.  It was…wait for it…“Mythbusters”! Who knew? (Besides those of you who looked at the graphic?) I never would have guessed that Jamie, Adam and the Build Team were so well loved by our readers. Hey peeps, for more stuff about my feelings for that show, check out this post on my old blog about “Hot Guys on the Discovery Channel.” You’ll find out which Mythbuster I think is the sexiest!  (Oh, and you can also find out my secret Big Bang crush on this other post.)

Davie and I were NOT surprised to learn you aren’t all tuning in to Larry Kudlow on CNN. But it did amaze us that no one else watches the incredibly awesome AMC drama series “Breaking Bad”! There’s a reason it keeps getting awards, people! So if you are looking for a good series to rent from Netflix, this disturbing but gripping show about a chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer is terrific.

May I also throw in, glad to see a few votes for “Better Off Ted.” It’s a hysterical show in the same quirky vein as “Arrested Development,” which is constantly at risk of being likewise cancelled. Rent. It. Soon.

We got a request for another “Soulmate” survey in the future, Blog, isn’t that cool? I wish it could be “who has the most same songs on their iPod as I do” but no one is going to review 1,213 songs and click boxes. We’ll have to ponder it….


Time for another clue as to who we’ll be interview next week for the big 50th Episode. Here it is: Blog and I both depend upon him--but Blog more than me. Ooooh, any guesses?


  1. My husband watches Breaking Bad so, by default, I see it sometimes. While I think it is very well done, it's a bit too dark for me. I get to feeling too anxious when things are going wrong (even on tv) and on this show, when things go wrong, they go very wrong.

  2. Coraline???

    Hey by the way, you and David HAVE to watch American Pickers still! I think the season is over now, but it's still on Monday nights. Maybe it's on again on the weekends, not sure. But at least watch one ep. It's SO your kind of show!!

  3. Thanks for the guess, Katesi, but no, it's not Coraline. (Coraline is my netbook.) This morning Davie guessed Gaiman (my PC) but that is also not correct. Excellent guesses though! I forgot, YES, we need to check out American Pickers. (We only have like six shows on Mondays, LOL.)

    Barb, I know whereof you speak. Ask my family, I'm not normally up for such dark stuff either. But the quality of the show wins out for me; plus, they really really do not glorify crime. But it's not for everyone!

  4. Yes, American Pickers is awesome! We just started watching that one. I've got Breaking Bad in the DVD cue but haven't seen it yet. I adore Better Off Ted also but didn't that get canceled? If it did I hope someone picks it up.

  5. Not cancelled yet but not a lot of confidence it will come back, either. I'm glad you like it too! I can't wait to try out American Pickers and I have it written down (the only way I retain any information at all).