April 27, 2010

Blog dares interview me a second time

On March 2, as you may recall, Blog, you interviewed me, and there were twice the requested number of haha box clickers who voted for an encore.

This is that encore.

Blog: Okay, what sort of theme do we have for the interview today, Diana?

Me: I’d like to demonstrate a general principle that you discussed in your interview with the Internet the other day, that being that you, Blog, are not autonomous.

Blog: And that I am really only an extension of your own will and opinions?

Me: Exactly.

Blog: Cosmic. Let’s begin. What’s new with you?

Me: Well, this week I’ve been really enjoying the updates daughter Katie has been sending from the road as she travels Route 66 with her boyfriend. Quite an awesome vacay. I was so inspired in fact that I made up a new word: vacayrious. As in “Vacayrious enjoyment is almost as good as taking the trip oneself.”

Blog: That’s bizarradorable.

Me: Thanks. Anyway, Route 66 rocks. Check out this photo Katie uploaded to Facebook of the famed Blue Whale of Catoosa.

Blog: What the f?

Me: I’ll field that question, Blog. A guy called Hugh Davis built the Blue Whale in the early 1970s as a gift to his wife, who collected whale figurines. The Blue Whale and its pond became Nature’s Acres, a popular Route 66 roadside attraction. By 1988, the Davises were not able to continue managing it, so the park fell into disrepair. But ten years later the people of Catoosa, OK and employees of the Hampton Inn restored it.

Blog: Hooray! Oh, don’t you just love nostalgia?

Me: Indeed I do. Which segues nicely into a great film I saw this week, “Taking Woodstock.”

Blog: Hmm, you know, it does segue nicely, almost as if it were all part of a sinister plan…what are you up to?

Me: I just think it’s interesting that the last day of Woodstock, August 18, 1969, was my thirteenth birthday. I like to boast that I passed through puberty during the Summer of Love.

Blog: T.M.I., Diana.

Me: Around that time I seriously crushed on the two longhaired guys who wrote and starred in the musical “Hair.” And all these years later while watching “Taking Woodstock,” I found myself amusingly attracted to the actor who played famous Woodstock organizer Michael Lang, with his fabulous 60’s ‘fro.

Blog: Ah, I see you mean Jonathan Groff, star of Broadway’s “Spring Awakening.”

Me: Yes, ironic in view of my own 1969 “spring awakening.”

Blog: Nice euphemism. And isn’t he currently guest starring on “Glee”?

Me: Yes, the very emotion I frequently felt when I was thirteen. And still feel when I look at Jonathan Groff.  Especially when he sings. 

Blog: Okay, Aging Teeny-Bopper, let’s get back to the movie. Was it good?

Me: Indeed. I particularly loved Liv Schreiber’s portrayal of Vilma, a cross-dressing Vietnam vet with a heart of gold.

Blog: Well, I can’t imagine a movie that couldn’t be improved by the inclusion of a cross-dressing Vietnam vet with a heart of gold--wait a tick, is THAT Liv Schreiber?

Me: Yup.

Blog: Would it be wrong of me to say he’s kind of attractive in drag?

Me: Better you than me.

Blog: But I thought this interview was about how I’m just an extension of you!

Me: Hmmm, what does it all mean? Hey, my excuse is that Liv Schreiber is always attractive.

Blog: Riiiiight. Maybe we could digress awhile from your, um, interesting fascinations.

Me: Certainly. I did want to bring up a weird thought I had, pondering the movie. Play along with me here, Blog and readers. Think of a memory you had, say, 25 years ago. That was about the time I coped with living in the rural boondocks of Iowa by obsessing about Rick Springfield, who was on “General Hospital” and had just released “Jesse’s Girl.”

Blog: Wow, that is awhile ago!

Me: So, pick your old memory and think how long ago it seems. Now think about how in 25 years you’ll be feeling that same exact nostalgia about what’s happening to you RIGHT NOW.

Blog: You mean, writing this blog with you?

Me: Yes!

Blog: Cosmic.

Me: I know!

Blog: And you managed to sneak in a fifth celebrity crush.

Me: Who’s counting?

Blog: I think you just wanted me to ask you about your celebrity crushes, this whole time!!!

Me: Since you asked, Duncan Keith.

Blog: Who’s Duncan Keith?

Me: My latest celebrity athlete crush. The All Star defenseman and Norris Trophy nominee from the Chicago Blackhawks.

Blog: And did I ask?

Me: Not really.

Blog: I’m beginning to feel like I have no control whatsoever over this interview.

Me: Q.E.D., Blog...Q.E.D.*

*An acronym of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which means “that which was to be demonstrated.” The term was invented long before texting became popular, but feel free to use it on your smartphone anytime.


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  1. You slay me. If I like reading this blog so much I can just imagine how much I'd like reading your books. :o) guess who...

  2. <3 <3 <3 Jonathan Groff!!! *SIGH*! <3 <3 <3