March 27, 2010

Bacon, Bacon, BACON!

Just a quickie post, Blog, which is strictly for two groups of people:  those who live in or near Milwaukee, and those who cannot get enough of BACON.  Which I guess encompasses just about the entire world.

Last night Davie and I went to the Comet Cafe, the little restaurant and bar on Milwaukee's east side.  Here's Davie greeting you with his handsome smile from our booth.  This place was was actually featured last year on the show "Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives."  Guy Fieri in da house one year ago, if only we'd have been there!

So Blog, I started out with a Bruncharita, a margarita made with passion fruit liqueur that was just scrumptious.  But the trip to heaven commenced with my first bite of this most spectacular dish:  the Open Faced Meatloaf Sandwich.  The incorporation of bacon into this creation is masterful, and believe me, it was not just the bacon garnish on top.  Find out from D D & D segment how its made--it will blow your mind.

Our evening got even cooler when Davie discovered a door back by the restrooms that bore this:

Wow!  Anyway, we were far too full for dessert (I brought a third of my meal home to eat for lunch today OH BOY!).  Tonight we're going for delayed dessert to Comet's sister restaurant in Bay View (south side of Milwaukee), Honeypie, which specializes in bakery.  Both restaurants use Wisconsin produced ingredients wherever possible and have plenty of vegan options. 

Comet gets the Blog Seal of Approval for sure.  Any restaurant that gives away free bacon with beer on Sunday nights has our vote.

Oh, and some Bonus Bacon Footage courtesy of our friends at My Food Looks Funny:



  1. All I can say is Yummy! I have been wanting meatloaf for a long time. I started out two nights ago making mash potatoes. Then I discovered I had no secret mom's meatloaf ingredient. So often to Boston Market I went. Getting the last 3 servings of meatloaf. It was ok but this looks fantastic! I work for an ENT doctor from Wisconsin. I must ask him Monday if he has been to the Comet Cafe!

  2. We've got this place on our list to visit now! Thanks. That artwork on the door is AWESOME. I wrote this thing for a client a few months ago about the popularity of bacon. It seems to be everywhere lately! People are finally celebrating the goodness of bacon! LOL.

  3. Anne, I haven't had meatloaf in years, and this is not like the meatloaf anyone else makes, that's for sure.

    Cherie, we'd love to go with you sometime! Fellow baconophiles have to stick together. LOL

  4. All I can picture is that dog treat commercial where the dog goes running around yelling BACON!!!!

  5. That's what I was going for with that title, Jen...I'm glad someone got it! :-)

  6. Man I need to go back to Comet PRONTS. Chris and I went awhile ago and it was deeeelish! It's hard to believe a smokey tiny coffee shop my friends and I played Cribbage in 12 years ago became such a great restaurant!!

  7. We want to hear more deets about the old days at the old Comet. I do remember you hung out there a lot!

  8. I'm a bit behind in my reading...

    Um, You have seen the latest Taste of Home magazine right? They are celebrating BACON with some interesting recipes. Funny, I thought of you as soon as I saw it.

    Is it just me or have the fat-phobics either moved on to something else or discovered the joy of something so wonderful as Bacon?


  9. I haven't seen it, Janet! I'll have to see if they have anything online I could view. You do remind me though, I have a great recipe for bacon spaghetti that I haven't made in ages. The fat-phobics must just know that you can't hope to squelch bacon.

  10. Doh! When I saw your post in my gmail reader I thought: "At last! the secret of making bacon-vodka! Must read NOW!"

    *sigh* Instead it is a post filled with deliciously tempting food & drink! (Bruncharita? Passion fruit liqueur? Does that have a name...I'd love to try that for a fact!)

    Ok, my nose needs to get back to the 1:6 scale steampunk doll grindstone.

  11. Yes it does, your fans are waiting for progress there, CK! I don't own any of that liqueur but wish I did. And here's the easy secret to bacon vodka making: We aim to please!