March 19, 2010

Okay, yeah, here’s Ceiling Cat!

Dear Blog, by popular demand we are revisiting my kitchen so you can talk to the third resident there, Ceiling Cat. Clearly our readers have a healthy (or at least avid) interest in the going-on in the kitchen. So carry on, Blog!

Blog: Thanks, Diana. I for one am glad the readers wanted to give Ceiling Cat his day. C-Cat, what’s the backstory here?

Ceiling Cat: The Ceiling Cat concept sprung from the popular “LOLcats” movement, log, just like other famous concepts including “monorail cat,” “ur doing it rong” and of course “I can has cheezburger?” As opposed to Basement Cat, feline lord of the underworld, I am the furry personification of beneficence. And also moralistic spying.

Blog: So you look down from above, watching over us, right?

Ceiling Cat: You could say that. Or you could just say “watching you.”

Blog: So, more like the Geico money with the googly eyes.

Ceiling Cat: Only in a broader sense, not merely financial.

Blog: Got it. So, how did Diana come to install her own personal 3D Ceiling Cat in her kitchen?

Ceiling Cat: Thanks to the wondrous interwebs, she learned about a blog that offered me as a free download, easy to print and construct. It only took her about 20 minutes to assemble me, her only tools being scissors and gluestick.

Blog: She’s pretty handy though...can mere mortals manage to make one of you for themselves?

Ceiling Cat: It’s not like I’m Herbert G, Blog.

Blog: True. And the creator of your pattern was certainly extremely clever.

Ceiling Cat: A genius, indeed.

Blog: So, I notice that you speak quite articulate English. I kind of expected LOLspeak from you, just like in the LOLcat thingys.

Ceiling Cat: “Thingys.” Yes, I am more articulate than some, Blog.

Blog: Um, yeah.

Ceiling Cat: But of course I speak fluent LOLspeak as well. Would your readers like a demonstration perhaps?

Blog: By all means, LOL away.


Blog: That is impressive! I wish I could speak LOLcat like that!

Ceiling Cat: Fortunately, the interwebs offer a translator, CEILIN CAT IZ WATCHIN U, PROFESOR SNOWCAPS. BE NICE 2 KITCHUN LION.

Blog: Coming through loud and clear, C-Cat. So, how long do you expect to remain there on the kitchen ceiling?

Ceiling Cat: CAT IN CEILIN IZ CUTE 2 HUMANZ. I mean, I seem to appeal to Diana and Davie, so I’m hoping for a long tenure. And someone has to keep an eye on those other two.

Blog: Do you ever wonder why Diana and Dave haven’t named the blender yet?

Ceiling: Don’t give them any ideas, Blog.

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