March 3, 2010

Mash-Up Party!

Yes, Blog and I are throwing a Mash-Up Party today! Why? Because it’s a random Wednesday in March!

We first learned about mash-ups from “Glee,” in which Mr. Schuester (aka Matthew Morrison) teaches the glee club kids about combining two disparate songs into one interesting new blend. Let’s get this party started with his mash-up of “Young Girl” (Gary Puckett again!) and “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” (Please consider the Spanish captions as just part of your Mash-Up Party Experience.)

Ooh, Schue, you mash my world. Anyway, let’s get our mash-up on. You may be thinking of some popular, commonplace mash-ups like CHEESE plus HAT equals CHEESE HEAD:

Or perhaps CHEESE plus HEAD equals HEADCHEESE:

But no, my friends. When Blog and I partay à la mash-up, we turn the dial way up on the Randometer. Blog and I mean CHEESECAKE plus HAT equals THIS THING:

Or, you may be thinking of BUBBLE GUM MACHINE plus COCKATIEL equals TOM SERVO:

But we mean TOM SERVO plus CROCHET equals THIS THING:

Is your head spinning yet? That’s because it’s A MASH-UP PARTY! So mix yourself up a wapatuli (that’s a little of everything in your liquor cabinet), fill your head with mashed-up thoughts, and join with us in the Mash-Up Party Song:

It’s a mash-up party, baby--ooh ooh ooh!
Join our mash-up party baby,
let’s mash up me and you!
The Randometer is off the scales,
and our brains are flying off the rails,
It’s a mash-up party, baby--ooh ooh ooh!

At our mash-up party baby, we’ll do a brand new twist,
We’ll scream “Cheese head! Headcheese! Cheese head!”
till the neighbors all get pissed!
The Randometer is off the chain,
We’ve got wapatuli on the brain,
It’s a mash-up party, baby--ooh ooh ooh!


When life has got us down,
And everything looks blue,
There’s a super easy way to cope,
Mix some red in with that blue

And if that seems random--ooh ooh ooh!--
it’s a mash-up, baby, and you can do it too.
The Randometer will be your friend,
If you take two things and make a blend.
That’s a mash-up party, baby--ooh ooh ooh!

By George...Blog and I think you’ve got it! Keep that mash-up fever going! And to assist, just meditate on this, a little original concoction from me called AVOCADOS ON ACID!

And tomorrow, we return you to your regularly scheduled normalcy, here on my blog.  Normalcy.  Heh heh heh.


  1. uh got herself into the spoiled headcheese again...

  2. Are you kidding? I'd sooner eat avocados on acid. :-)