March 15, 2010


Well, Blog, today we have a very big and exciting announcement to make! (Well, big and exciting in our’s not like it’s as big as when the pickle got more Facebook friends than Nickelback.) Here it is:

Herbert G is finished!  As we will reveal below....

Finished in a good way, not like when Quinn was finished with the Cheerios. (“Glee” reference, people.) Finished as in ready to be introduced to the world, and here he is.

Herbert G is my creation and he is a stitchpunk doll. Stitchpunk is NOT my creation, it was invented by Shane Ackers, whose movie “9” was the inspiration for his half-steampunk / half Raggedy Andy look. I saw “9” nine days ago and not only was it a cool movie, but it created a whole new kind of character. Little 9 and his gang of stitchpunk friends (1 through 8) just begged to be given companions by crafters like me everywhere.

I could see this was an opportunity to combine two of my crafting hobbies in one awesome project. Didn’t hurt that it was a variation on steampunk, that Victorian-slash-industrial-slash-Gothic look that I’ve employed in past jewelry projects. So, I got out both my Rolling Cart o’ Polymer Clay Supplies and my Non-Rolling Cart o’ Needlecraft Supplies, as well as my sketchpad since I had no model or pattern except movie stills from the Web, and set to.

Sixteen hours of work later, Herbert G (named after H.G. Wells) is ready for adventures with the cats who “helped” me make him. Hopefully nothing like with the Cat-Beast thing in the movie, though. That thing is too scary for human kids, much less foot tall stitchpunks like Herbert.

I must confess, Blog, I’m really, really happy with how this project turned out. Particularly with the eyes, which IMHO are the closest thing to faithful to the original stitchpunk eyes that has yet been accomplished (at least according to my internet research). And also with the cool-looking base fitted with magnetic snaps that hold onto Herbert’s boots, a concept I invented that I’m sure I will use again sometime. Perhaps for the noses of kissing magnetic pigs?

For those interested in more detail about the creation of Herbert G, or in seeing more photos, please visit my new and super special “My Stitchpunk Doll” page on my website.

What next? Well, I got a very cool book on making beautiful cloth costumed dolls, and I have fabric left over from my fairy Halloween costume, so hmmmm, Blog....


  1. Absolutely AAHHHHHMAZING!!!! Chris says you should sell them...which I know would be a. too time consuming and b. too illegal (undoubtedly). Seriously though, very very awesome.

  2. Thanks Katesi and Chris too! Illegal for sure. And at 16 hours a doll, to make it at all worthwhile I'd have to sell them for like $250 apiece, which no one would pay. That's the trouble with these crafts: they're worth more to you yourself than the money they would sell for! But the fact that he thinks Herbert G is good enough to sell is a very great compliment. :-)

  3. He the Precious Little Dude!! Oh my, oh my - I want to love on him...what a cutie!
    Man, D - you're damn talented! Now you've got to make a girl friend for him. :-0 I Lubes Him.

  4. Oh Gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got it SO goin on!

  5. D & Blog, one other thang...I'm almost inspired to start my doll craft...months ago I decided that I wanted a "kitchen witch" - a cute witch on a broom that I would hang from the ceiling in the corner of my kitchen. Well, I looked up "doll patterns" online and found an artist that I liked and purchased 3 of her patterns ('cuz I'm going to combine them to be unique). I've since purchased all of the supplies - except the hair - and could begin her any day but...haven't. So in seeing this Precious Little Dude of yours - I'm almost inspired to begin. I've got 5 craft projects that I MUST finish this week so after they're done - I'm on it!!! I'll send Y'all (D & Blog) a picture when she's done. Sleep tight and kiss Herbert G on the head for me.

  6. Thanks so much, Con!

    And RAbecca, thanks for laying all the love on the little guy! And you ABSOLUTELY MUST make that kitchen witch! I'm inspired to see it, woman! LOL And I'd love the "deets" on your other projects curious about what all you're up to.