March 28, 2010

The May Flowers Challenge

Hey Blog, I think now we've acquired a nice crew of crafty readers, and therefore I'd like to try a Challenge.  After all, Challenges make the world go 'round, right?  Something like that.

So, here's the deal:  May is just around the corner, and here in Wisconsin, May is the month when we actually start to have acceptible weather.  No, I don't know why we persist in living here.  Anyway, in May we can finally go to Lowe's and Home Depot and Stein's and fill our patio with flowering plants, yee ha!

But I'm already looking forward to green leaves and flowers, and that's the inspiration for my Challenge to crafters out there.  During the month of April, do something with a flower (or plant) theme in your chosen craft.  Make it something you are able to complete in no more than three hours.  It can take longer than that to plan and think up, but the actual work should be limited to that timeframe.  Send me a photo (and a few words if you like) by Saturday, May 1, and I will post the submitted projects on the blog!

No, Blog, there are no prizes.  Why are you thinking that being featured on this blog wouldn't be prize enough?  Sheesh.

To get you all in the mood, I'm festooning this post with photos of a dish garden I made in fall of 2007.  This miniature garden incorporates some key elements made of polyclay, and was inspired by the designs of Bunnie Werth. My own invention is the pond, which is molded out of polyclay, decorated with small rocks and silk leaves, and filled with "Quick Water."

The "gazing ball" stand is made of Granitex mixed with pearl clay. The stepping stones are also clay. I purchased the trellis, bench, and tiny cardinals from Bunnie's shop in Cedarburg, Wis., Newberry Thicket.
The grass is sheet moss and other plant life is silk and plastic. The dirt is another cool product, "Looks Like Soil" from Natural Creations. (Couldn't find an internet source for it though!)  All the supplies except the bowl (and styrofoam within) were purchased at the aforementioned Stein's Gardens and Gifts, which unfortunately only has stores in Wisconsin! I'm sure you could find all this sort of thing at your neighborhood craft supply store though, Blog.

So, calling all painters, papercrafters, quilters, needlecrafters, polyclay artists, etc.!  Heck, silk flower arrangers and gardeners count too!  And if you're thinking about participating, please comment below so I can start working myself into a frenzy of anticipation about your submissions.  YAY!

[A quick clarification:  your project can incorporate flowers or leaves in any way you like, you don't have to literally make flowers.  And photographers, you're welcome to join in too!]

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